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Animal Vaccines and Spay & Neuter Services

Normandale Veterinary Hospital provides spay and neuter services for dogs, cats, and other pets in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. We create a safe and relaxing environment for your pet while providing pet care of the highest caliber in the veterinary field. We make it easy for you to schedule an appointment. Simply call us or fill out our online form, and we can reserve a spay or neuter session today.

Why You Should Spay or Neuter Your Pet

Spaying or neutering your pet reduces animal overpopulation, a crisis that occurs across our country. Overpopulation not only causes starvation and homelessness in animals, but it also depletes veterinary resources that could be provided for pets that are cared for.

Spaying or neutering your pet also provides health benefits. Spaying prevents uterine infections and tumors in almost half of all dogs and 90 percent of cats. If possible, try to schedule your female cat to get spayed before she goes into heat for the first time. Neutering male dogs prevents testicular cancer and prostate issues that arise as they get older.

If you have noticed that your male dog engages in strange or aggressive sexual behavior, neutering can often deter these behaviors such as urine marking and aggression toward other dogs.

Pet Vaccination Services

Pet vaccinations protect your animal from various diseases including rabies, distemper, parvovirus, infectious hepatitis, bordetella, feline leukemia, and others. Vaccinating your pets reduces the spread of infectious diseases and keeps your pet safe from infection. Vaccinating against diseases such as rabies and Leptospirosis provides protection for both your pet and you.

Young puppies and kittens should receive their physical examinations and first set of vaccinations at six to nine weeks of age. Additional exams and vaccinations are given every two to four weeks until they are twelve to sixteen weeks old. Thereafter, regular booster vaccinations should be given. During your pet's initial examinations you will also receive behavioral advice, nutritional counseling, and recommendations for disease prevention. This advice can go a long way toward preventing problems in your pet's adult life.

We offer comprehensive pet vaccine services for your dogs, cats, and other pets to shield them against life-threatening diseases. When you bring your pet to our clinic for vaccination for the first time, we conduct a thorough examination to determine if your pet is healthy enough to receive vaccinations. After the exam, we go over your options so we can choose the right vaccination for your dog, cat, or another animal.

When Should You Schedule a Vaccination?

Your pet is unique. Therefore, it may require a vaccination schedule unique to its needs. With that in mind, most pets follow the schedule below. To find out when is the best time for your dog, cat, or other pet to receive their vaccinations, consult with your Normandale Veterinary Hospital doctor.

Age Dogs Cats
Up to 6 Months 5-in-1 (DA2P + Parvovirus) 3-in-1 (FVRCP)
Lepto 4 Rabies
Nasal Bordetella & Injectable Bordetella Roundworm & Hookworm Dewormer
Rabies Fecal Test
Roundworm & Hookworm Dewormer Microchip
Fecal Test
H3N8 & H3N2 Canine Influenza
Adult 5-in-1 (DA2P + Parvovirus) 3-in-1 (FVRCP)
Lepto 4 Feline Leukemia (FeLV)
Nasal Bordetella and Injectable Bordetella PureVax® Rabies
Rabies Fecal Test
Fecal Testing
H3N8 Canine INfluenza
H3N2 Canine Influenza

Schedule Your Spay/Neuter or Vaccination in Minneapolis, MN

Normandale Veterinary Clinic is here to help you protect your pet from the moment they are born until they reach full adulthood and beyond. Our services include surgical care, dentistry, grooming, spay & neuter services, and vaccinations.

If you need emergency care or would like to schedule an appointment for medical treatment, call us at 952-831-8272 or send a message on our contact page.

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