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Pet Care in Edina, Minnesota

We do more than take great care of your pet. We form a lifelong relationship. This way we are able to best gauge your pet's health at all times, and recommend the most effective preventive efforts and treatments.

We also offer:

Comprehensive Physical Examinations

Early detection of health problems can allow for prompt treatment. At least once, and perhaps twice per year, your pet should have a complete physical examination. Remember, your pet's lifespan is shorter than ours and their health can change significantly over a 12-month period.

Complete Diagnostic and Ancillary Care

We offer a full range of diagnostic (radiography, blood analysis, etc) and ancillary services to diagnose and manage both minor and major health problems. Our team of experienced veterinarians and support staff are here to assist you with the outpatient and inpatient care needed throughout the life of your pet.

Senior Pet Care and Geriatric Pet Evaluations

In recent years, great strides have been made in recognizing the special needs and requirements of our "senior citizen" dogs and cats. Our veterinarians are well equipped with the knowledge and diagnostic tools to identify age related problems and formulate realistic strategies to allow our pets to live longer and healthier lives. If your dog is seven to nine years of age or older (depending on breed) or your cat is ten years of age or older, it is now in its geriatric years. We will be happy to discuss with you our recommendations for geriatric testing and geriatric diets.

Pet Identification and Microchip System

A microchip is a tiny electronic device, about the size and shape of a grain of rice. It is implanted beneath a pet's skin between the shoulder blades, and stays there for the pet's entire life. This procedure is as easy and as painless as a vaccination.

Each microchip has a unique number. This number, along with information about the owner and pet, are added to a national pet registry. Most veterinary hospitals and animal shelters have electronic scanners for detecting and reading these implanted microchips. If a lost pet is found and a microchip is scanned, the registry is called and the owner can be contacted.

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