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Understanding the Importance of Good Oral Health for Your Cat

If you're a cat lover, then you undoubtedly do all you can to make sure your pet stays as healthy as possible. And while feeding him the right foods and providing him with toys that stimulate his interest of the utmost value, it is pertinent not to forget the importance of good oral health too. Did you know dental disease is the most common health concern for cats? Here's a quick overview of the pertinence of good oral health for your cat and how you can help ensure your cat's mouth stays healthy. 

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Importance of Regular Veterinary Care

Pets are part of the family so it only makes sense that you would take care of them the same way you would a member in your family.  Just like people, pets need to see the doctor for regular veterinary care.  Be going to the vet's office, many problems can be caught early and treated before they turn into bigger problems.  Monitoring your pet's health is important to make sure he or she is as healthy as possible.  Below are some of the important services provided at Normandale Veterinary Hospital.

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Why is Grooming your Dog so Important?

When you think of grooming your dog, you naturally imagine the result being a good-looking animal, all neat and clean. Grooming not only accomplishes that, but it plays a big part in maintaining your dog’s physical health as well.

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Keep Your New Puppy Healthy and Happy with These Puppy Grooming Tips

Grooming is going to be a part of your dog’s entire life, so it’s important to start a grooming routine when your dog is just a puppy. Not only does grooming keep your dog healthy and looking good, it’s a great time to build understanding and trust with your new pet. Here are a few puppy grooming tips you can use to keep your new puppy healthy and happy.

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Essential Tips and Tricks for Doggie Dental Care

You work hard to make sure your dog stays happy and healthy. You head to the vet for regular checkups, make sure he gets exercise, and ensure he’s eating healthy food. However, have you thought about your dog’s oral health? Keeping your dog’s teeth healthy is important for your pooch’s overall health.

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How Your Pet's Oral Health Affects Their Overall Health

Dentistry is just as important to your pet as it is to you. In fact, your pet’s oral health affects their overall health. To your family, your pet is a family member; therefore, taking the time to ensure your four-legged family member has the best oral care improves their overall health and extends the time your family has with them.

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