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SILEO Administration for Your Pets

Some dogs experience fear and anxiety when they hear loud noises like fireworks, thunder, workers or anything that goes BOOM! It has been very difficult to treat and is stressful for not only the dog but the owner as well. SILEO is a new treatment that blocks certain chemicals in the dog's brain that cause the anxiety and fear.

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How Your Pet's Oral Health Affects Their Overall Health

Dentistry is just as important to your pet as it is to you. In fact, your pet’s oral health affects their overall health. To your family, your pet is a family member; therefore, taking the time to ensure your four-legged family member has the best oral care improves their overall health and extends the time your family has with them.

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Veterinarian Advice About Dealing with Anal Glands

Is your dog scooting on the carpet? On the other hand, is your pet cat constantly licking its “nether” region?

These are clears signs of problems with anal glands.

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