As pet owners, we want to give our pets the best of everything so they’ll enjoy long and happy lives as our beloved companions. For many, that means dishing out plenty of affection and playtime as well as serving up quality meals. It also means scheduling vaccines and regular check-ups.


But when it comes to spaying and neutering, many pet owners may postpone getting their pets fixed because their pet never comes into contact with other animals. However, you may be surprised to learn that getting your pet sterilized comes with a host of benefits in addition to preventing litters of puppies and kittens. In this post, our team of veterinary experts at Normandale Vet Hospital in Edina will break down some of the key reasons to get your pet fixed even if you’re not concerned about reproduction.


The Most Important Reason to Spay or Neuter

Although our own beloved pets are warm and cozy in our homes and have a nice comfy spot to sleep on, the sad truth is that there are plenty of sweet cats and dogs living on the streets. Far too many of them will never know a loving home, and most of them came into the world because a pet owner was negligent about getting their pet neutered or spayed. Failure to do so will only add to the problems of overpopulation and disease among domestic cats and dogs, and in the long run, it leads to serious suffering for millions of animals.


Fortunately, spaying and neutering are simple, affordable procedures that can be done right here in our Edina office. If your pet is more than eight weeks old, he or she can be spayed or neutered. The best time to get your pet fixed is before she reaches sexual maturity so there is no chance your sweet friend will accidentally breed.


But the benefits of sterilization don’t stop there. Here are a few more reasons to have your pet spayed or neutered:


1.      Reduced Chance of Cancer and Tumors

In both male and female animals, the chance of tumors and cancer in their reproductive organs or breasts is a concern. However, experts believe spaying and neutering decrease hormones and in doing so, helps to prevent the chance they’ll develop reproductive or mammary cancer. That adds up to many more years spent together.


2.      Prevent Heat

If you’ve ever had a female pet in estrous or heat, you know it can be incredibly frustrating and disruptive to your home. When female cats go into heat, they meow constantly and loudly and become quite restless. Likewise, your female dog may whimper or bark. Both animals can also become escape artists, experience serious mood swings, and experience bleeding. By spaying your dog or cat, you can avoid these frustrations entirely.


3.      Calm Your Male Pet

Male pets who are neutered are typically much calmer and better behaved than intact males. Intact dogs and cats are likely to mark your home, urinating all over your furniture, walls, and floor instinctively. They can also be much more dominant and even aggressive. However, neutering your dog or cat will even out their hormones, minimizing the disruption to your home.

Spay or Neuter Your Pet Today

At Normandale Veterinary Hospital, we know Edina homeowners care about their pets and want them to live happier, healthier lives. That’s why we want to encourage everyone within our community to prioritize getting their pets spayed or neutered.


We can also schedule a regular check-up and grooming to make sure your pet is on track for good health. We also offer an online pharmacy. Give us a call at 952-831-8272 or connect with us on our contact page to set up your pet’s spay or neuter appointment.