As cat owners, we appreciate everything our cats add to our lives between all of the kitten cuddles and feline fun they give us every day. That’s why keeping our cats as healthy as possible stays at the top of our to-do list. Most cat owners work hard to make sure their beloved purr pals get the best food available, regular check-ups, and plenty of attention. But many cat owners don’t realize they’re overlooking something important: their cat’s dental health.


At Normandale Vet Hospital in Edina, we’re committed to helping Minnesota pet owners keep their furry families happy and healthy. In this post, we’ll talk about your cat’s oral health and what you need to know about your pet’s dental care.


Signs of Dental Problems

Many pet owners don’t realize that dental disease is actually quite common among cats. A healthy cat will typically have white teeth that may be slightly yellow. However, extremely yellowish teeth are usually indicative of serious oral health concerns. Although some cat breeds have pigmented gums, many will have light-colored gums, and any discoloration can also indicate problems.


Just as in humans, oral disease in cats typically starts with the build-up of plaque. If you don’t bring your cat in for regular cleanings, they can end up suffering from periodontal disease.


Some of the symptoms of periodontal disease are:


●        Bad breath

●        Bleeding gums

●        Swollen gums


The Feline Reaction to Pain

Cats are known for having an extremely high pain tolerance, which is why they are often perceived as masking pain. Cats will often continue to drink and eat regularly even when they’re in chronic or severe pain. This is why it’s crucial to stay on top of their oral health when they are unable to tell you for themselves that they are hurting.


Cats with abscessed or loose teeth should be checked out immediately. It’s also important to realize that periodontal disease can end up damaging your cat’s internal organs or even being fatal.


Keeping Your Cat’s Teeth and Gums Healthy

Prioritizing your cat’s oral health is one of the kindest things you can do as a pet owner.

It’s a good idea to schedule your pet’s dental check when you bring them in for an annual check-up at the vet. 


At Normandale Veterinary Hospital, we understand how important your pets are to your family. Schedule your cat’s dental visit at 952-831-8272, visit our pharmacy online, or message us on our contact page to set up an appointment.