Everyone knows that practicing good dental hygiene is fundamental to our dental health. For humans, that means brushing twice daily and flossing at least once. Just like humans, our canine pals can get cavities and dental problems. Dogs’ ancestors gnawed on bones, which cleaned their teeth and helped protect them from dental problems.


Your dog can get the nutrition she needs from puppy chow, but it won’t do much to protect her teeth. At Normandale Vet Hospital, we can help you protect your pup’s teeth and keep her mouth healthy. In this post, we break down what you need to know about taking care of your pet’s dental needs.

Caring for Your Pet’s Teeth

Just as with humans, your pet’s dental health is a key component to her overall health. The same principles hold true with a dog’s teeth as they do with human teeth. In humans, failure to properly brush and maintain good dental hygiene can lead to the buildup of plaque.


This can happen with pets as well. Once that plaque starts to build up, the problems can become quite serious. That’s because plaque pushes into the gums and separates it from your dog’s teeth, allowing bacteria to grow where food particles have settled.


Consequences of Poor Dental Hygiene

Once bacteria begins to grow in your pet’s mouth, tartar will begin to form. Tartar can lead to periodontal disease, which is a type of inflammation in your dog’s dental structures.


Once your pet develops periodontal disease, it can affect her health throughout the rest of her body. This includes problems such as lung disease, heart trouble, or kidney damage. Fortunately, all of these problems can be easily avoided by simply creating a good dental hygiene plan and sticking to it.


Recognizing Dental Problems

There are many types of dental problems that can affect your pet. However, most of these can be avoided by simply being able to recognize dental issues early on. Signs of problems with your dog’s dental health can range from the obvious to the more nuanced.


If you see any of these symptoms, call your vet immediately:


●        Missing teeth

●        Bad breath

●        Facial swelling

●        Lethargy

●        Appetite loss

●        Trouble chewing food


Take Charge of Your Pup’s Dental Health by Calling our Edina Vet

Scheduling regular dental check-ups is a key piece of any good dental health plan for humans as well as for their canine friends. That’s why it’s important to make sure you bring your pet in and get her teeth checked regularly. At her first visit, we’ll give her an anesthetic and get a baseline for her oral health as well as clean, polish, and examine her teeth.


Because we believe that preventing health problems from the start is far better than treating them, our Normandale Veterinary Hospital team will help you create a dental plan. Our goal is to keep your pet healthy so she’ll live a long and happy life and enjoy many adventures by your side. Call our veterinary team to schedule your dog’s appointment at 952-831-8272 or message us on our contact page to find out more.