If you’re a pet owner, keeping your beloved furry friend healthy and safe is one of your biggest priorities. If your pet is suffering from an injury, it’s important to get your pal back on track and healthy fast. That’s where our veterinary team at Normandale Vet Hospital comes in.


When we treat your pet’s orthopedic health, you might hear us use some unfamiliar terms like “TPLO” and “TTA.” In today’s post, we’ll explain these common terms and break down how they can help your pet. Read on to learn about these important veterinary surgical procedures.


Common Orthopedic Injuries

Injuries to your pet’s knees can cause a tear or even a rupture in their Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) or Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL). When these types of injuries are treated right away, we’re typically able to help your pet on the path to healing without further injury. However, allowing these types of injuries to persist without getting them treated can cause damage to your pet’s knee. It can even lead to arthritis or permanent disability down the road.


Some pet owners adopt a “wait and see” perspective where they watch the pet to see if he or she is healing on their own. The problem with this approach is that sometimes even after an initial period of improvement, more damage can end up taking place in the long run.


Surgical Orthopedic Solutions

There are two main types of surgical orthopedic solutions. These procedures are known as TTA and TPLO. TPLO stands for Tibial Plateau-Leveling Osteotomy, while TTA stands for Tibial Tuberosity Advancement. Both surgeries are minimally invasive procedures where an incision is made and an implant is placed into the shin bone below your pet’s knee to allow the bone to heal differently.


This approach reinforces stability by altering the forces at play in your pet’s leg. TTA uses a titanium implant while TPLO uses steel, and the location of the cut in the bone is slightly more invasive for TPLO with a slower healing period.


Choosing the Right Treatment

The best treatment option for your pet may be different from what’s best for another animal. Success rates for both procedures have similar positive results. We consider three main factors when determining whether to choose TTA or TPLO for your pet.


We’ll take into account the following:


●        Your pet’s age

●        Your pet’s size

●        Your pet’s activity level


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As pet owners, it’s hard to describe how much we love our pets. After all, they give and give expecting little in return. That’s why when they’re injured, it can be heartbreaking to watch them suffer.


At Normandale Veterinary Hospital, we understand how precious your pets are, and we’ll treat them like family. Our orthopedic pet surgery team will walk you through what you can expect and do everything to make your pet comfortable throughout her stay. Connect with our surgical veterinary experts to get your pet’s appointment by calling us at 952-831-8272 or send us a message on our contact page to find out more.