With the rise in health problems in pets, vaccinations are more necessary than ever. Now is the time to schedule your pet vaccination and annual checkup at Normandale Veterinary Hospital. We offer up-to-date immunizations and preventive treatments that are necessary for your pet. Since each pet is different, we can specialize the type of preventive medicine we give to your cat or dog.


Why Vaccinations are Necessary

It seems that there is a vaccination available for every possible health threat to your dog or cat. For this reason, vaccines have been suspect, at best, over the last few years. The more developments that are made, the more claims that soon follow, and the more confusing the issue gets. This dynamic creates confusion with pet owners who finally throw their hands in the air and back away from all vaccinations —and therein lies the problems.


No, your pet doesn’t need every vaccination that is available. But…


Yes, your pet still needs vaccinations. Here’s why:


Both you and your veterinarian are responsible for your pet’s health and safety. Vaccinations are essential for ensuring that your pet is protected from diseases and other health issues that arise. Therefore, to abandon all vaccinations is putting your dog or cat at risk. Schedule a checkup and treatment with one of our vets to find out about vaccine updates and which vaccines your pet needs.


Remember: Your Pets Are Domesticated Animals

Many pet owners assume that because their dogs or cats are animals, that they are readily immune to the outside world. This would likely be the case if these animals were actually in the outside world. But they are not. They are domesticated animals that spend most of their time indoors. Hence, their immune systems are not equipped to deal with health issues that can arise from going outside.


We recommend that you bring your dog or cat into our general care hospital at least once a year. An annual checkup will determine if your pet has any health issues. A yearly vaccine will build up your dog or cat’s immunity and protect them from diseases and other harmful health conditions.


Schedule Your Vaccine Today!

If you haven’t scheduled your pet’s vaccination yet, feel free to contact us and let us know when you’d like to come in. Our vet hospital offers full vaccines, spay and neuter procedures, heartworm treatment, grooming, surgery, and general care. To schedule a vaccine, call us at (952) 831-8272, or you can message us on our contact page. We offer pet care for dogs, cats, and other animals in Edina and the surrounding Twin Cities Metro area.