Some dogs are prone to having matted hair. Different factors determine why your dog’s hair mats ups. In most cases, matting is easily treatable.


A Normandale Veterinary Clinic specialist can both groom your dog and tell you how to keep its hair from matting. Schedule a grooming appointment with us today.


Causes of Matted hair in Dogs


Different breeds of dogs have matted hair for various reasons. Let’s explore a few of the main factors:


1.      Friction

Mats often occur in areas of the body where there is constant friction. Common areas include under the collar, behind the ears, and armpits. Since the legs are constant movement, it’s likely they will rub up against each other or objects such as tall grass.


2.      Sitting

Dogs spend half their time sitting. You may notice that your dog sits or lays on the same side. This is the side that it feels most comfortable sitting on. The side that the dog sits on the most becomes matted because the fur bunches up and is compacted. The longer the hair grows, the more matted it becomes.


3.      Lack of Grooming

If you haven’t scheduled a grooming session in a while, you may notice that your dog is matting up in various areas across its body. By bringing your dog to Normandale Veterinary Hospital, we can cut your dog’s hair and give it a fresh start.


Preventing Matted Hair


In between your grooming sessions, you can prevent your dog's hair from matting. Below are some tips for keeping your dog’s hair soft and tangle-free.


1.      Brush Your Dog’s Hair Frequently

When brushing your dog’s hair, brush a small section at a time. Brush the hair in the direction it naturally lies. Push the coat up, pat the hair into the brush, and then gently put the brush away. Some dogs need to be brushed every day. Others can be brushed every week or two.


2.      Use a Detangler, but Sparingly

There are times when you may want to use a detangler on your dog. If the matted hair is too thick to brush through, a detangler can loosen the hair so that you can work the brush through it.


If you use a detangler, make sure it is free from harsh chemicals or substances that may irritate your dog’s skin. Try to use an all-natural, organic product.


3.      Bathe Your Dog

Although we recommend bathing your dog regularly, it may not always work. In fact, bathing matted hair can make it worse. It depends on the type of hair your dog has. Try washing your dog regularly. If it doesn’t work, then bring it to Normandale Veterinary Clinic for professional grooming.


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