Everyone knows how important their own dental care is to their health. Did you know, though, that your dog's dental care is also extremely important? Many people don't think about their dog needing dental care, but dogs are not much different than their owners -- at least in this respect! Need more convincing that you should be paying attention to your canine's chompers? Read on to find out the benefits of taking your dog in for regular dental visits. 

1. Doggy dental care means fresh breath

Let's face it -- dogs are notorious for having stinky breath. It doesn't have to be that way though. Just like one of the reasons why people brush their teeth is to have fresh breath, your dog's breath can become fresher smelling too with regular dental care. 

2. Good dental care = good dog health

Not only can regular dental care for your dog prevent issues with their teeth, such as periodontal disease which can lead to tooth loss, but it can also help stave off other health issues as well. Infections that start in your pooch's mouth can affect other areas of their body like their brain and heart. 

3. Keep tabs on their health

Dogs can be very good at keeping their pain a secret. In many cases, you might never notice if your dog is dealing with the pain of sore and swollen gums. As the soreness and pain can come and go, you might not see them making changes to their eating habits. It is also easy for pet owners to explain away a day or two of their dog's finicky eating. This could be enough time for your dog to work through a flare-up in their periodontal disease that will then just fester. Regular dental visits can address these issues so your dog doesn't suffer in silence. 

4. Sometimes baby teeth don't fall out

If your dog has baby teeth that haven't fallen out as they should, they could cause problems with the healthy development of their permanent teeth. Seeing your vet for regular dog dental care can alert you to any issues that might pop up. 


Normandale Pet Hospital in Edina, MN provides expert, gentle and thorough dental care for dogs as part of their commitment to provide a holistic approach to their health. Give them a call today to schedule an appointment or speak with them about caring for your dog's teeth.