Waiting for your pet to be treated at the vet clinic can be a trying time. It’s challenging enough to keep your pet under control. When other owners don’t control their pets, however, it can make the situation even worse.


Normandale Veterinary Clinic provides medical care for cats, dogs, and other pets. We try our best to get your pet treated according to your scheduled appointment. If you have to wait, however, here are some tips for practicing proper etiquette in the waiting room.


#1. Keep Your Pet on a Leash


No matter what vet clinic you visit, you will almost always see a sign on the door that informs you to keep your pet on a leash. A leash is the most effective way to keep your pet from darting around the room or bothering other pets.


Make sure your leash is in good condition and wrapped comfortably, yet tight, around the pet's neck. Also, don’t forget: you use a leash on a cat as well as a dog.


#2. Keep Your Pet in a Crate


Although it is not mandatory to keep your pet in a crate, we recommend doing so if your pet is small. A crate is the most effective way of controlling your pet. Make sure the crate is well-secured. Also, make sure that the crate has plenty of ventilation.


You may want to put a toy or a small snack in the crate to keep your pet distracted while you are in the waiting room.


#3. Allow Your Pet to Use the Bathroom Before You Arrive


Take your pet out for a walk. Let your pet do its business just before you put it in the car and bring it to the vet. Although it’s not foolproof, it will increase the chances that the pet will not use the bathroom inside the waiting room.


If you sense that your pet is going to urinate or have a bowel movement, you can take the pet outside. Bring some wipes and baggie with you to clean up the mess afterward. We can help you dispose of the baggie.


#4. Keep Your Pet Away From Other Pets


Dogs and cats are naturally curious about the animals around them. When two animals meet each other for the first time, one of them may be more aggressive than the other. The interaction could lead to a fight between the two creatures.


Don’t allow your pet to roam or be in proximity to other animals. It’s the best way to ensure peace in the waiting room.


#5. Give Your Pet a Bath Before You Arrive


Pets exude a significant of odor if they aren’t bathed. The scent is strong enough for everyone around to notice it. The smell is magnified in a small area like a waiting room.


Therefore, you should give your pet a thorough bath before bringing it to the vet. Make sure you dry the pet before arriving. Even a clean pet will smell if you bring it in wet. Nothing is worse than a wet dog smell.


Bring Your Pet to Normandale Veterinary Clinic


If your pet needs treatment or emergency care, bring it to Normandale Veterinary Clinic. Our medical specialists can diagnose your pet’s current condition, and provide the right treatment.


To schedule an appointment or bring your pet in for emergency care, call us today at 952-831-8272, or you can message us on our contact page.