Most pet owners view their animals as part of the family. Fleas don’t just affect your pet; they have instant avenues to humans and property with the potential to be life-threatening. Normandale Veterinary Hospital has the all the ammunition you need to combat, diagnose, and prevent flea infestations in the Southern districts of the Twin Cities, Minnesota.


How Do You Know If Your Pet Has Fleas?

Not every owner can continually supervise a pet. This uncertainty is a concern for owners whose dogs or cats often spend more time outdoors or in public park areas. Many owners understand when to look for ticks, for example when spending extended time in wooded areas. It is not so easy to determine if your pet has fleas as they are prevalent in the home, backyard, neighborhood, and many public places. When your pet demonstrates potential exposure to these pests, here are some signs to look for to determine if a flea infestation is present:


●        Excessive scratching/biting of the body, ears, or neck.

●        Rubbing against, or rolling on furniture and carpet

●        Red rashy bumps

●        Moodiness or decreased energy

●        Avoiding specific areas, most often carpets

●        Hair loss

●        Flea dirt (looks like black pepper that turns red)


My Pet Has Fleas, What Do I Do Now?

Whether you have physically found fleas, or received a professional diagnosis, you should follow a general protocol for abatement. It’s essential to tackle this problem calmly and pragmatically, so you do not add additional stress to your pet or other family members.


See a Vet Immediately for General Care. Seeing a professional vet as soon as possible is the top priority for effective flea treatment. Time is of the essence when it comes to fleas concerning time, measures needed for eradication, and the potential for your pet to develop serious complications or diseases.


Implement an Appropriate Grooming Regiment. The vet will provide you with a recommended flea shampoo and instructions for application. Using a special comb, you will likely be checking your pet’s fur for fleas and eggs often for at least a couple of weeks Your ongoing treatment and prevention plan should include a long-term schedule for grooming, shampooing, and medication

Provide Treatment Aftercare and Future Flea Prevention. Depending on the severity, your pet may require a short stay at a veterinary hospital to diagnose and eradicate fleas and their eggs properly. Follow the vet’s instructions carefully for pet aftercare which should include procedures to be performed at home or on other household members. Prevention of future infections depend on the successful implementation of flea treatment and eradication Just a single egg remaining can start the vicious cycle over again.


General Veterinary Care in Edina, Minnesota

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