Poor dental hygiene can lead to serious health problems for your pet if left unattended. As an owner, you have a role in keeping your pet’s teeth clean year round. For a professional cleaning, bring your pet to Normandale Veterinary Hospital. Our professionals are able to spot potential oral problems before they arise and take preventative measures, saving you money, and your pet distress in the long run.


Dental Problems That Lead to Health Problems

Dirty teeth do more than affect your pet’s hygiene. They can also lead to other health problems. For instance:


Acute Dental Disease. Improper care of your pet's teeth which can lead to tooth and bone loss.


Periodontal Disease. Acute dental disease left untreated can progress on to more serious implications, including bacterial infections which enter the bloodstream.


Heart, Lung, and Kidney Problems. Some of the worst conditions of untreated dental problems.


Signs It's Time For a Dental Check Up

You may not know that it’s time for a dental checkup. Here are some signs that you can look for in your pet:


●        Extreme salivation

●        Leaning head to one side

●        Loss of appetite

●        Sudden reduction in weight

●        Gum irritation


We can ensure that problems do not progress by providing the best care possible for your pet. Call our friendly staff to discuss your companion’s health.


Dirty Teeth Lead to Oral Disease

Modern pet foods often lack the vital nutrients that protect animal's teeth in the wild. While some pet foods do contain additional nutrients and products, nothing can replace a comprehensive dental care system, as provided by our experts The American Veterinary Dental Society reports that over 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats display signs of oral disease under the age of three. You can prevent oral disease, however, visiting our clinic for a professional teeth cleaning.


Oral Disease Prevention Is Better Than Disease Cure

Medical advances have reduced the risks associated with complications during oral treatment, but as with all medical scenarios, prevention is better than the cure. Under no circumstances should your human toothpaste be used on your pet. We can recommend proper toothpaste for your pet that will keep its teeth clean and preserve its health.


Comprehensive Pet Dental Care in Minneapolis

Keeping your pet’s teeth in good condition is a vital part of its healthcare. If your pet is displaying any signs of poor dental condition, contact Normandale Veterinary Hospital to schedule an appointment. We serve pet owners and their pets in the Twin Cities area. Call our expert staff at (952) 831-8272.