There is no question as to the amount of love you have for your dog. You feel happy when your dog is happy, and you feel sick when your dog is sick. Just like you see your doctor to assure your health and well-being, and take your family to a doctor as needed, your dog relies on her doctor to maintain an ongoing health schedule so she can continue to play with you, annoy you at times, or gracefully sleep by your side as you rest. Your dog’s doctor provides an extraordinary service with an assurance as to how everything is okay.

Routine Health Inspection

Routine health inspections are a fairly simple concept. You have to update your dog’s registration and have annual or bi-annual rabies shots, so it’s the perfect time to have your dog go through a physical. The vet is going to become accustomed with your dog and maintain records for future reference as a way to set a baseline for further comparison over the years. The necessity of regular health check-ups for your dog each year becomes even more apparent when you consider how each year of your dog’s life equates to seven human years.

Ongoing Health Care

Ongoing health care is as important for your beloved pet as it is for you. When your dog’s doctor understands your dog’s personality from ongoing visits and documented regular inspections, they have the knowledge required to not only do the minimal check-up but approach the pet like the individual she is and pay attention to her attitude and behavior as it reflects signs of her general health and wellness.

Senior Citizens

As unfortunate as it is, dogs become elderly at a faster rate than humans. Much like humans, dogs develop special needs as they become older. Certain breeds are known to have certain conditions as they age, others face particular health issues as they become older. Your experienced and knowledgeable veterinarian will be aware of such conditions and take preemptive steps to address them before and as they come up.

Your dog relies on you to care for her, and that goes beyond her daily feedings. When you take on the responsibility of a dog you take on the need for hiring a great doctor to assist you in maintaining her health over the years. In the good hope you never deal with an accident, your dog needs her regular physicals to assure a long and healthy life so you two can enjoy your time together.