Grooming your pet is a necessary part of its growth and development. In addition to appearance and cleanliness, there are also health benefits to keeping your dog or cat groomed. We recommend grooming your pet starting at a young age so that it becomes a regular part of their routine. Normandale Veterinary Hospital offers professional grooming for pets of all shapes and sizes. You can schedule a session with us by calling our clinic and setting up an appointment.


Grooming Reduces Health Risks

A regular visit to the Normandale Veterinary Hospital gives us the opportunity to give your pet a routine physical to make sure that it’s healthy. While you're here, we can check your pet’s vitals and give your pet a proper checkup. If we discover any small health issues, we can treat them before they turn into significant health risks. We can check your pet's insides while making them look good on the outside.


Check for Skin Conditions

Grooming gives us an opportunity to check your pet for any signs of poor health conditions. As we go over the surface of the skin, we may discover skin problems caused by an infestation of ticks, fleas, or other pests. These parasites can cause your dog or cat’s skin to develop itchy and irritating dry patches. If there are any infections or inflammation, then we can provide the right treatment for your pet.


Other Grooming Benefits

In addition to a good trim, skin inspection, and physical there are benefits to grooming your pet. For example:


Ears. We can check the ears to determine if there are any signs of mite or tick infestation. Your pet’s ears should be clean and odorless.


Teeth. We can give your pet’s teeth a professional brushing to reduce the risk of periodontal disease. We can also check for bad breath, which is a sign of dental problems.


Proper Bathing. Proper bathing will preserve your dog or cat’s natural oils on their skin. They will feel much better. We can also recommend the type of shampoo you should use for bathing your pet.


Nail Trimming. When left to a professional, nail trimming can be a relaxing and positive experience for a pet. Regular nail trims can reduce the risk of injury, stops them getting caught in carpet or other upholstery, and prevents the likelihood of ingrown nails.


Professional Grooming From Normandale Veterinary Hospital

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