A successful surgery depends on how well your pet recovers over the next few days. As the owner, you can help your pet get back to regular activity and a healthy life. Normandale Veterinary Hospital can help your dog or cat by performing orthopedic surgery. We have the expertise and professional equipment necessary to operate on your pet regardless of the severity of the fracture.


Recovery Over the Next Eight Weeks

Recovery time for an orthopedic surgery is usually eight weeks. During this period you should know what the stages of recovery are and how to take care of your pet during each phase. Below is a summary of each step in the healing process.


●        The First 24-48 Hours. Your pet will experience fatigue and sleep more than usual. You should arrange a quiet, safe, isolated area for your pet to rest. They will need access to plenty of water. The affected area will be tender from the surgery so avoid direct contact if possible.

●        Three to Five Days. Swelling and bruising will occur over the next few days. While this is perfectly normal, there should not be any excessive swelling, redness, or any drainage from the leg or feet. During this time, you can apply a cold compress to the incision for 10 minutes three times every day.

●        Ten to Fourteen Days. We will remove the surgical staples. Your pet should refrain from walking or applying any pressure to the incision up to this point. We recommend that you fit your dog or cat with an Elizabethan Collar so that it cannot lick the wound. Doing so will cause infection.

●        Four Weeks. Physical therapy is essential for the leg to heal properly. You can expect discomfort and a physical reaction from your cat or dog due to the pain. Do not be alarmed this is normal. Therapeutic pain is perfectly reasonable. We will teach you and a partner how to perform motion exercises to strengthen the leg and to know when you are pushing your animal too far for their stages of recovery.

●        Eight Weeks. The fourth to the eighth week can be the most challenging phase of healing. Your pet may no longer feel any pain, but the leg is still healing until the eighth week. You'll need to continue the therapy on schedule. After eight weeks, you will bring your pet to our clinic for a final check-up. You should limit your dog or cat's activity the next four weeks after the leg's healing is complete.


What You Can Do For Your Pet

As your pet is healing, you can help it along the way. Here are some tips for you to take care of your dog or cat:


●        Administer pain medication including sedatives as directed.

●        Carefully read the instructions for bandaging the wound. Keep it clean and dry.

●        Monitor the incision at least twice a day.

●        Keep your pet from licking the wound.

●        You should confine your pet to a crate or a room where it cannot jump from anything such as a bed.


Normandale Veterinary Hospital Can Heal Your Pet

If your dog or cat has recently sustained an injury, then bring it to Normandale Veterinary Hospital. Our certified doctors can perform orthopedic surgery and restore your pet back to good health. Schedule a diagnostic and surgery by calling us at (952) 831-8272. We are Minneapolis and St. Paul's most trusted veterinary clinic.