There are currently over 160 known skin diseases for dogs. While some of these diseases can be easily treated, others are severe and require special medication or even medical procedures to heal. Normandale Vet Hospital specializes in treating all types of skin diseases for your canine. We take special care with your pet and work hard to find a cure no matter what type of disease your pet has.


Does Your Pet Have Skin Disease? How to Tell

No matter how close we are to our dogs, we can’t always detect when they are suffering from a skin disease. Like anything else, however, these conditions do produce noticeable symptoms. Some of these include:


●        Constant Itching. We have observed that the most common sign of skin disease is that your dog is scratching an itch that never seems to stop. With many skin conditions, this irritation can last all day every day until treatment is given.|

●        Skin Redness. Although your dog’s skin normally has a pink tone to it, skin will usually show deep red patches or discoloration of the skin, when irritated.

●        Bumpy Skin. If you stroke your dog and find that the skin is bumpy or filled with rashes, then you’ll want to bring him to our clinic for a visit.

●        Licking Paws. If it appears that your dog is trying to sooth itself by licking its paws or rubbing its face, it’s a sign that it may be in pain or dealing with a sever irritation.


What are the Causes of Skin Diseases?

Many skin diseases in dogs are simply caused by allergies that can develop in many stages. Some allergies trigger skin problems overnight, while other grow worse over time. We have discovered that many of these allergies are a direct result of contact with fleas, house dust, molds, pollens, and other contaminants inside the home.


How to Treat Skin Diseases

The best way to treat a skin disease on a dog is to bring it to Normandale Vet Hospital for treatment. Our specialists can run a wide range of tests to diagnose the problem. We can then find the best solution for treating the skin and restoring your dog back to strong health. It is important to treat skin conditions as soon as you notice them. The longer your pet goes without treatment, the worse the disease will get. Although some diseases do nothing more than cause irritation, some of them can be deadly. If you suspect that your dog is suffering from skin problems, then call the Normandale Vet Hospital at 952-831-8272 and schedule an appointment. We service clients throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.