When allergies attack your dog or cat, they can cause all kinds of health problems. At Normandale Vet Hospital, we treat dogs and cats of all breeds for a wide range of allergies. If you seek treatment right away, then most allergies can be cured or reduced with medicine. Below is a brief description of allergy symptoms and how we can treat them.


4 Main Types of Allergic Reactions

Most allergies stem from one of these four causes:


1.      Fleas. Fleas are hands down the greatest cause of allergies in cats or dogs. Fleas transfer diseases and allergens through the blood, saliva, or other host. They can attack an animal in large numbers and even lay eggs. The results can be an endless array of allergies.

2.      Food. Food allergies are caused when the body’s immune system has a sudden reaction to some type of food. Common reactions to food include rashes, hives, itching, diarrhea, and vomiting. We often find that many of these allergies are caused by common table food designed for humans.

3.      Environmental. Seasonal allergies caused by environmental factors can have a strong impact on your pet’s health. As the season’s change, natural substances such as pollen, dust mites, mold, mildew, and weeds can have a significant effect on a pets ability to breathe as well as on their overall health.

4.      Chemicals. If you’ve ever tried to wash your pets with soaps or shampoos that are designed for humans, you may find that they do not respond to it well. Chemical allergies can cause skin rashes, itching, watery eyes, and a plethora of other skin conditions.


Allergy Treatment is Available.

Although your cat or dog is susceptible to a broad spectrum of allergies, most of these conditions are treatable by a Normandale Vet Hospital specialist. By bringing your pet to our clinic, we can ensure that all of their allergies are taken care of and your pet is restored back to good health. It’s best not to ignore your pet when it is suffering. Allergies affect dogs and cats much in the same as it does humans.


So if you are miserable during allergy season, you can imagine how your pet must feel. For this reason you should schedule a screening with our clinic. Call us at 952-831-8272. We service cats, dogs, and other pets across Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.