The sad reality is that there are many cats and dogs without a place to call home. And part of being a responsible pet owner is ensuring that your pet won’t contribute to overpopulation. As Bob Barker always says, “Have your pet spayed or neutered!”


At eight weeks of age on up, your pet is ready to be spayed or neutered. Most vets recommend that the procedure be done before six to nine months of age when both cats and dogs sexually mature and can begin to breed. But in addition to helping to keep the pet population under control, there are other benefits to spaying and neutering your pet. Here we’ll explore a few of those benefits.


Help Prevent Tumors and Cancer

One of the biggest benefits to spaying and neutering both male and female dogs is that it can help to prevent tumors and cancer in the breasts and reproductive organs. It’s believed that the subsequent decrease in hormones after getting fixed helps prevent these cancers. Of course this is a great benefit and can help your pet to live a longer and healthier life!


Your Female Pet Won't Go Into Heat

If you have a female pet, a convenient benefit for you to spaying your pet is that she won't go into heat. Female cats in particular will meow and become very restless when they are in heat, dogs may bark or whimper. Either animal can have bleeding, may try to escape and in general, annoy you with flighty mood swings that come with the changing hormones. These are all inconveniences you won't have to deal with when you spay your female pet.


Your Male Pet Will Behave Better

If you have a male pet, it will likely be better behaved after he is neutered. Pets that are not neutered may mark in your house by urinating – the last thing anyone wants from life with a pet! They may also be more aggressive and dominant. Neutering reduces the hormones that usually cause a craze, and instead helps to keep them calm.


How We Can Help

Anytime your pet needs surgery, it can be nerve wracking – but a spay or neuter procedure is quite common. You can sure that at Normandale Vet Hospital, we care for your pet as if they were our own. We always perform surgery in a clean, sterile environment to prevent risk of infection for your pet.


As you can see, there are many benefits to spaying and neutering your pets. If your cat or dog is over 2 months old but is not yet fixed, there’s no time like the present to set up an appointment at Normandale Veterinary Hospital! We serve the greater Edina, Bloomington, Eden Prairie, Richfield and Saint Louis Park communities with many veterinarian services, including spaying and neutering. Call us today to schedule an appointment for spaying or neutering, or any of other veterinarian services, including checkups, vaccines, grooming, and dentistry