Keeping your pet up to date on vaccines and attending a yearly wellness exam are great ways to ensure yours is a healthy, happy companion. Though pet owners often overlook the importance and health benefits of a well-groomed pet. Not only does grooming offer health benefits, it can also be a great opportunity for increased socialization. Below, we examine just a few of the benefits to having a well groomed animal.


Prevent or Improve Medical Conditions

When your pet visits a groomer, they do a thorough “once over” of your animal. Ears, teeth, and eyes are closely checked, as well as all parts of the body. This allows any potential problems you may not have caught to be noticed. Odd lumps or bumps on your pet's skin, or dirty teeth and ears can be addressed and monitored for the future. Additionally, the groomer can help a pet with chronic skin irritations. There are various medicated shampoos that exist to help animals that suffer from dry or itchy skin, reducing dander around your house. Plus, having clean fur can help keep irritants away from sensitive skin and can cut down on damaging compulsive scratching which leads to hot spots, rashes, and even infections.


Minimize Shedding

Shedding is a part of owning a pet and no amount of grooming will be able to completely eliminate it. However regular pet grooming can help dramatically cut down the amount of loose fur you find laying around. Shedding can be noticeably minimized with regular brushing and bathing with special conditioner. It’s always nice to have less to sweep and vacuum around the house, and less pet hair showing up on your furniture and clothes. And the more you brush your pet the less shedding you’ll endure. That’s because when you brush your cat or dog you stimulate the hair follicles encouraging the follicles to produce more oil. This oil helps follicles hold on to healthy pet hairs, so the more your brush your pet the less your pet will shed.



Socializing your pet is always important, especially in the case of a puppy. The act of grooming requires all parts of your puppy to be touched and it encourages healthy interactions with people other than you! The more your pet is familiar and comfortable being touched on his or her paws, ears, teeth, and belly the better he or she will be with a vet for an exam or an emergency.


So make a regular grooming a part of your pet’s care at Normandale Veterinary Hospital. Use the appointment as an opportunity to address any concerns or questions you have and our professionals can help. That’s because at Normandale Vet Hopstial our team loves your pet almost as much as you do. Call us today to schedule a grooming session with one of our trained experts, you can reach us at 952-831-8272.