Summer comes with its concerns for people and animals alike, but it can be difficult to determine the warning signs of heat problems in dogs. So, before you decide to go on that next long walk, or take your dog to the park, check out these summer safety tips for dogs by our pet care professionals at Normandale Veterinary Hospital.

Summer Safety Tips for Dogs

If you want to ensure the best time for your dogs this summer, follow these safety tips below.

1. Mind the Sun

Before you go out in the sun, your skin needs a little protection against the UV rays out there. Your dog might too! While they may not be as susceptible as you are to skin cancer and damage, they are still at risk. Particularly dogs with very light short coats may need sunscreen. Ask your vet for more details about your dog and the sun, or check out Burt's Bees or Epi-Pet (both of them make sunscreen, especially for dogs.) It's also important to be mindful of a dog with an all or mostly dark coat. Make sure your dog has adequate access to shade throughout the day outdoors.

2. Keep Off the Grass

You can never really know how the grass in an unfamiliar area has been treated. Pesticides and fertilizers can end up on your pet's fur and paws only to be licked off and ingested later. It can even affect people or kids who pet the dog after they've been out. So, unless you're sure about the safety of the area you're walking in, such as a dog park, you're probably better off just sticking to the path – though it will be hard to resist Rover's tugs.

 3. Beware of Antifreeze

When cars overheat, the antifreeze comes out. Unfortunately, because of its sweet smell, dogs often love its taste. But even ingesting a little can end up being deadly. Hence, as you walk your dog around your neighborhood, be on the lookout for mysterious puddles that may be in driveways or the street and dodge them! If you suspect your dog may have ingested antifreeze, get them to the vet immediately!

 4. Careful in the Car

It's common knowledge not to leave a dog in a parked car with the windows rolled up during the summer. But you can't just crack a window, either. It still endangers your dog with the very real risk of heatstroke. Even on a 70° day, your car can reach triple digits fairly quickly, so don't take that chance. If they can't come in with you, leave the air on for the dog or leave them at home when you go out.

 5. Always Provide Water

Just like people, pets need more water when the temperatures heat up. While this may sound obvious for general care tips, some owners don't realize just how much extra water their dog needs! So, make sure you bring extra water for your dog wherever you take them.

 6. Avoid Strenuous Exercise

The summer is not the best time to subject your pet to strenuous exercise. Simple warm-up activities are better during this period.

 7. Protected from Pests

There is no absolute way to prevent the incidence of pest bites or stings, but some measures can be taken to reduce the frequency of occurrence. Look out for beehives and nests and get rid of them.

8. Shaving Your Dogs Might Not Keep them Cool

Do not shave your dog's fur because you think it adds to the heat. No. It's the other way round. The fur protects them from excessive heat in the summer, so shaving it will increase their heat absorption in the summer.

 9. Make Sure Your Dog is Wearing Identification

During the summer, many dog owners spend a lot of time outside with their dogs. While this is a healthy practice, ensure your dog is clearly marked or has a distinct means of identification with your phone number attached. This will help you trace your pet if they go missing.


Your Reliable Edina, MN Vet Hospital

Your pet is ultimately in your care and relies on you for their well-being. The tips listed above are curated to help you ensure the safety of your dogs. If you notice some unusual symptoms in your dogs and need veterinary attention within the Edina, MN, area, come to Normandale Vet Hospital for the quality pet care they deserve. You can reach us at 952-831-8272 for Pet Emergency services.