Technology has hit almost every sector of the economy, and the convenience and immediacy that can be found on all of our devices has changed how we feel about goods and services — even pet care. Now practically everything you need can be found across a variety of websites, and mobile applications. See how you can incorporate your smartphone or tablet to make your cat or dog's life just a little bit better.

Apps for Dog Services

If you've ever used Uber to find a ride or Airbnb when you're on vacation, then you can use Wag, Whistle or Dog Vacay. Wag is an app that lets you find a dog walker who will love your pet almost as much as you do. Whether you're working overtime or you sprained your ankle, dog walkers let your pet get the exercise they need for better health (and fewer trips to the vet). Whistle is an app that tells you where your pet is, so you know whether or not it's him who's been digging up the flower beds or a neighbor's pet. It's also handy if your dog gets lost too. Dog Vacay gives you the chance to find a dedicated border when you're out of town.

Apps for Cat Playtime

Sometimes cats need more stimulation than you're willing to give them, but a bored cat is an unhappy cat. Apps like Crazy Cat or Paint for Cats can be downloaded for free onto your tablet that stimulates a cat's attention and keeps them occupied when you really need some quiet time. Digital mice or fish dart across the screen, and cats can't get enough of chasing after them with their eyes (and sometimes their paws). You'll want to use a screen protector when you let have your tablet of course, but other than that, it's definitely a good way to integrate technology into your daily playtime.

Websites for Everyone

The next time you get home and kick yourself for forgetting to stop at the store to buy pet food, there are websites that can help you get on a schedule. Set up an account, and start stocking all the supplies you need to keep your pet happy. From toys to treats to medical supplies, there are websites like,, and where you can find everything you need. Remember, the more love you show your pet, the more you'll get back from them.