When you think of grooming your dog, you naturally imagine the result being a good-looking animal, all neat and clean. Grooming not only accomplishes that, but it plays a big part in maintaining your dog’s physical health as well.


In order for your dog to find grooming acceptable, you should begin when he or she is a puppy, as young as three or four weeks. You may want to begin with some short, simple brushing to introduce your puppy to the sensations and procedures involved. Thorough grooming involves a bath, brush out, nail trim, and hair trim. Ear hair removal and teeth brushing can also be included as needed. If a dog has not been acclimated to such routines early in life, it may be more difficult to accomplish later. The length of time that it takes will also vary based on the size of the dog, and whether it is a short or long-haired breed. Dense or curly fur likewise protracts the process.


The most outwardly visible effect of a good grooming is the sheen on the coat. Starting with the bath, dirt and other contaminants are removed from the fur. Subsequent brushing eliminates dead hair and dandruff, but also brings out natural oils in a dog’s fur, which give it that lustrous sheen.  If your dog is accustomed to regular grooming, he or she will feel refreshed and energized after each one.


Grooming also presents a great opportunity to check for any problems. These may include fleas, ticks, skin irritations or issues with teeth, gums, eyes and ears. A professional groomer can notice even the slightest abnormality, which allows for issues to be addressed and treated immediately. When a dog is not properly or regularly groomed, minor problems can become much more serious simply because they are not discovered at an early stage. This is even more prevalent in long-haired dogs, as it is more difficult to observe such details without a comprehensive grooming.


At Normandale Veterinary Hospital, we have two independent professional groomers available Monday through Friday by appointment. With the full array of general and specialized animal care options we provide, this rounds out our services to make us your complete pet care destination. It is our belief that a healthy pet is a happy pet, and regular grooming is just another way to help accomplish both.