There are no two ways about it: Animals are amazing.


From soft and cuddly pet rabbits to hard-working farm animals, animals bring joy to our lives and help humanity to get in touch with the best part of who we are. With all of the fantastic videos available online these days from animal rescuers and wildlife specialists, you or someone you know might have thought about becoming a vet.


As some of Edina’s most caring veterinarians, our family at Normandale Veterinary Hospital thinks it’s one of the best jobs around!


If you’re an animal lover and you’ve wondered if you have what it takes to be a vet, read on. And don’t forget to call Normandale Veterinary Hospital when your family cat, dog, or other pet needs veterinary care.

Veterinarian Personality Traits

Just like becoming a human doctor or healthcare provider, becoming a veterinarian works best with certain types of personalities. Do these traits describe you or someone you know?

A Love of Learning

Veterinarians need to love school and getting an education in general because it takes a lot of knowledge to become a vet. But for a veterinarian, the educational journey doesn’t stop with graduation. Instead, it’s a lifelong journey!


Veterinarians are constantly following animal health science because evidence-based research is essential to providing the best quality of care for animals.

Compassion for Animals and Humans

If you’re interested in becoming a veterinarian, you’re probably an animal lover. But being a veterinarian is about more than just caring for pets.


You’ll also need to be empathetic and compassionate for their human families, since you’ll be comforting them, delivering bad news from time to time, and helping them make tough decisions.

Grace Under Pressure

When you’re working in a caregiving profession, it’s essential to remain calm and collected even when someone’s life is on the line. Veterinarians often find themselves in intense circumstances, working with aggressive animals and saving lives.


If you’re great at keeping your cool when things go haywire, you’d probably make a great vet.

A Knack for Communication

Just like doctors, a veterinarian’s job includes a good deal of having to explain difficult technical concepts in a simple, understandable way. The ability to get that message across clearly can often be essential to saving a pet’s life. 

A Commitment Personal Health

Veterinarians benefit from maintaining a healthy lifestyle just like the pets they take care of do. Working in a veterinarian clinic or hospital can be physically taxing and involve long hours. And working with animals of all sizes can require lifting and physical dexterity.

Normandale’s Caring Veterinarians

Not everyone has what it takes to be a veterinarian, but we are lucky to have some of the best vets in animal health care at Normandale Veterinary Hospital. We approach every patient with compassion and a commitment to providing quality pet care.


To schedule your pet’s visit, give us a call at 952-831-8272, contact us online, or stop by our office. We can’t wait to meet your favorite critters!