It’s getting colder by the day in Minnesota, and when we’re cold, our pets are, too. Even dogs with fairly thick coats can have a hard time when the mercury drops, especially when it’s wet and icy outside. And just like humans, it’s important for our canine companions to get plenty of exercise even when the weather isn’t cooperating.


To make sure your doggo gets a healthy workout all winter long, our team at Normandale Veterinary Hospital has put together these tips for helping your dog exercise inside this winter. To make your pet’s winter veterinary appointment and get canine nutritional and exercise advice, give us a call today. 

1.   Take the Stairs

If you’ve got stairs in your home, you’ve got a built-in high-intensity workout for doggos and their humans alike. Get your canine companion in the mood for fun by encouraging her to follow the leader as you go up and down the stairway. She’ll learn to use the stairs to blow off steam even when you’re not serving as her personal trainer. The best thing about this type of exercise is that climbing stairs will help you stay in shape during the winter months, too.

2.   Play Puppy Games

Get your couch pup-tato motivated during the colder months by hiding toys for her to find around the house. This helps to keep her mind active when she’s not getting out of the house as often, and it’s a good way to work off some of that extra winter energy. Consider investing in some new toys and healthy treats to let her know how important she is to you.

3.   DIY Obstacle Course

Does your dog have what it takes to clean up at the Westminster Dog Show? Winter is a perfect time to find out. You can look up all sorts of canine training videos online and even get tutorials for creating your own custom training course like this training platform. Even in a smaller home, with the right level of creativity, it may be possible to create a fun obstacle course that challenges your dog mentally and physically. And when spring rolls around and the sun comes out again, you’ll both have some new accomplishments to show off!

Get Your Dog’s Winter Checkup

When you can’t spend as much time in the park during the winter months, it’s more important than ever to prioritize your dog’s health in every other way you can. To find out about winter nutrition recommendations for your dog’s age, weight, and breed, connect with our veterinarians online or call 952-831-8272 today.