For those of us who love all things spooky, autumn weather is the best time of year. From foggy mornings to pumpkin-covered porches and eerie Halloween music, fall offers a smorgasbord for the senses. And we’re not the only folks having a great time! Plenty of our canine friends love to get in on the action, too!


And if you’re looking for Halloween costume ideas, most pet stores offer plenty of options for smaller pets. But if your favorite tail-wagger is more of a big doggo, finding the right costume can be a bit of a challenge. With a little creativity, though, you can both be the life of the party this Halloween.


In this post from Normandale Veterinary Hospital in Edina, we’re counting down some of our favorite Halloween costume ideas for big dogs. And once the fun is over, don’t forget to schedule your pup’s annual checkup!

1.   Spider Dog

A few years ago, a viral video of a mutant spider scaring the heck out of folks made its way around the Internet. Although it garnered plenty of legitimate shrieks, the true culprit wasn’t an escaped science project or an outer space mutant. It was a happy little dog with no idea of the mayhem in its wake!


If you’re a bit of a prankster, you can pick up a spider dog costume in just about any size online. But be careful unleashing your spider pup on the world! You don’t want to cause any arachnophobia-related injuries.

2.   Giant Beanie Baby

As veterinarians, we tend to prefer pet costumes that look great without being too cumbersome or uncomfortable. And one of the best costume ideas out there that meets both of those criteria is to transform your dog into a giant Ty Beanie Baby! Just print up a Ty Beanie Baby heart-shaped tag in full color and attach it to your doggo’s collar and you’ll be ready for trick-or-treat time.

3.   Big Old Bat

If your dog is a darker breed, try transforming her into a spooky giant bat for Halloween this year. Wings like these are easy to wear and look absolutely adorable even on bigger dogs.

4.   Flower Child

This is another easy costume that your dog will hardly notice she’s wearing. Using a standard dog collar as a base, create flower petals. Your pup’s shining face will be the center of the flower of your choice!

Remember These Safety Tips

No matter what you dress your dog in this Halloween, make sure there aren’t any parts she can chew on or choke on and be sure she’s going to be comfortable and happy all evening. Try out her canine costume ahead of time so you know how it will fit and she has a chance to get used to wearing it.


And if you plan to take her with you to a Halloween party or trick or treating, keep a watchful eye to make sure she doesn’t swallow any candy or Halloween decorations. For more safety tips or to schedule your pet’s next check-up, call 952-831-8272 or connect with us online. And have a safe and spooky Halloween!