If dogs could tell us all about their favorite things, it’s not hard to imagine what they’d say. Of course, they’d tell us they love a good steak bone every now and then. And then there are the pure pleasures of fresh air through a car window and barking at postal workers.


But of all of the things a dog loves most in life, few can compare to the simple joy of going for a walk with her favorite person. Not only does a good walk make your pup happy, but it’s also important for her good health. That’s why in this post from Normandale Veterinary Hospital, we’re sharing everything you need to know about walking your dog starting with how frequently you should walk her. Here’s what you need to know.


Reasons to walk your dog:


●        It’s healthy exercise for both of you.

●        It’s great for managing stress.

●        It helps your dog become more social.

●        It helps with your dog’s behavior.

●        It puts both of you in a better mood.

●        It’s a great way to spend quality time together.

●        It can reduce canine anxiety and aggression.

●        It provides her with mental stimulation.

Dog Walking Basics

To understand how often your dog needs to be walked, one must first understand what a walk means to your canine friend. To a dog, a walk is much more than just a bathroom break. It’s also an important part of how dogs understand the world.


That’s because when dogs relieve themselves, they’re not just performing a basic biological function. Instead, a dog’s toilet break is part of how they interact with the world around them with their superhuman olfactory sense. While humans have only five or six million olfactory receptors, dogs have as many as 300 million.


In addition to sharing information about themselves by urinating, dogs will share scents through scratching and rubbing while on their walk. And while they’re out experiencing the neighborhood, your dog is using his or her own nose to learn important information about their environment.


How does all of this relate to the time you spend walking your dog? Just as you might need time to visually study a map or learn your way around a new place, your dog needs plenty of time to explore and experience her neighborhood. 


Follow these guidelines on how often you should walk your dog:


●        Try to follow a regular schedule.

●        Consider your pet’s age, health, and size.

●        Energy levels should also help determine how long your dog needs to be walked.

●        For small breeds: one to two 15-minute walks per day.

●        For short-nosed breeds: limit walks to about 20 minutes total.

●        For medium dogs: between 40 to 80 minutes of walks per day total.

●        Large breeds can walk up to 10 miles or more and may require as much as more than two hours of walking per day.

Contact Our Edina Veterinarian Care Team

No matter what your dog’s breed, size, or age, it’s important for her health to walk her regularly. For best results, talk with a veterinarian to determine how frequently your dog should be walked.


We can also give your pet a complete check-up and make recommendations for her health care. Schedule your pup’s appointment by calling our veterinarian care team at 952-831-8272, or connect with us on the web to talk with a vet.