For cat lovers, there are almost limitless reasons to love our furry feline friends. They’re soft and cuddly companions who are always there for us when we need them the most. And unlike many other pets, cats are low-maintenance roommates who don’t demand constant attention.


At Normandale Veterinary Hospital, our caring Edina veterinarians know that good pet health begins with compassionate pet care and a loving home. In this post, we’re breaking down some of our favorite feline facts and cat care tips. Contact our caring veterinarians to schedule your pet’s grooming services and veterinary pet care.

1.   They’re good employees.

It’s no secret that pets are great for pest control. In many big cities around the world, they can be found in food stores and warehouses. And Disney has allowed hundreds of feral cats to take up residence in their parks to help keep vermin away. They even have their own Twitter profile!

2.   They’re an essential part of our human story.

Cat experts believe our feline friends were domesticated as early as 3600 B.C. Domestic cats were introduced to the United States during the colonial period, and Abraham Lincoln was a cat lover and kept four cats in the White House.

3.   They show affection in unique ways.

When cats rub their faces and sides against you, they’re letting the world know you’re their human. A straight tail means your feline fam is very happy to see you, and when it’s flashed in your face, you can take it as a friendly gesture. Kneading with their paws is a behavior leftover from their kittenhood, and it indicates contentment.

4.   They have a very strange biology.

Unlike dogs, who have about ten vocalizations, cats have around 100. Their organs function so well that they could drink seawater if they had to, and every cat has its own unique nose print just as humans have one-of-a-kind fingerprints. Cats’ tongues are so rough that they can lick every last shred of meat off a bone, and they have a special organ that allows cats to taste scents on the air.

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