With warmer weather firing up and safer traveling conditions on the horizon, more families are starting to plan ahead for their next vacation or road trip. For some folks, the idea of traveling without everyone in their family—including the furrier family members—is completely unthinkable.


If your idea of a perfect beach day isn’t complete without your golden retriever, a little planning can go a long way when it comes to keeping everyone safe and happy. And while you’re traveling, you don’t want to forget some basic pet etiquette! In this post from the veterinarians at Normandale Veterinary Hospital, we’re sharing our top advice for etiquette dos and don'ts when traveling with your family pet. Find out more and then call us to make sure your pet is travel-ready!

Deciding to Travel With Your Pet

Even though the idea of traveling with your pet might sound like fun at first, it’s important to remember that it’s also a huge commitment. Just like traveling with small children, your pets’ health and well-being will always get pushed ahead of other priorities, which means some sacrifices may be necessary.


Before committing to bringing your pet rather than boarding her, have an honest conversation about how well she’ll do outside of your home. Here are a few signs you’re better off leaving her with professional boarding services:


●        She frequently has accidents.

●        She growls at strangers or becomes scared around them.

●        She doesn’t do well in strange new settings.

●        She damages property when excited.


Even though you may hate the idea of leaving your pet behind, rest assured that she’ll be safer and happier in a calm, controlled environment than in the chaos of vacation. And your family will be freed up to have fun without having to worry about keeping her safe!

When Traveling With Pets

If you’ve decided your pet is exactly the kind of carefree, happy-go-lucky doggo who can let loose and have fun on the road, congratulations! Here are a few things you can do to make your trip safer and happier for your family, your pet, and everyone around you:


●        Pack everything your pet needs so you don’t have any surprises.

●        Book pet-friendly hotel rooms only, and be willing to pay the hotel’s pet fees.

●        Make sure all pet vaccinations are up-to-date.

●        Have your pet treated for fleas so you don’t leave any “friends” behind when you check out of the hotel.

●        Only walk your pet in designated areas, and be sure to clean up after her with waste bags.

●        Don’t leave your pet stuck in the hotel room for long hours. Not only is this scary for her, but she can end up damaging the hotel or barking the entire time.

●        Plan pet-friendly vacation spots. Never assume pets are allowed without checking first.

●        Make sure your pet gets plenty of exercise.

Schedule Your Pet Vaccinations Today

If you’re thinking of taking a trip with your pet this summer, it’s important to make sure her vaccinations are caught up. Call Normandale Veterinary Hospital to schedule pet vaccinations, grooming services, and other pre-trip pet needs.


Give us a call today at 952-831-8272 or send a message to our contact page. And don’t forget to have a great trip!