Moving can be hard on even the most resilient person. All of the stress of having your life rearranged and getting used to a new home can be tough, and your life can feel disrupted for weeks or longer. But moving isn’t just hard on people! Moving to a new home can be a tremendously stressful experience for pets.


At Normandale Veterinary Hospital in Edina, we love helping homeowners care for their pets, and we want the moving process to go as smoothly as possible so everyone is happy! In this post, we’re sharing helpful tips for moving with pets so your move is easier on everyone in your family.


Follow these tips to make your pet’s moving experience less stressful:

1.   Watch How You’re Expressing Emotions

If you’ve ever had your pet cuddle up with you after a bad day, you know how sensitive dogs and cats can be to their owners’ feelings. If you start to express anxiety, chances are good that your pets will feel anxious as well. Pets are a great reason to stop and take note of our own feelings. Don’t raise your voice or allow yourself to become overwhelmed with the situation. Instead, be sure to give yourself time to relax and step back if you become overstimulated or stressed.

2.   Reassure Your Pet

Dogs and cats can be incredibly responsive to calming interactions. Continue to reassure your pet that everything is okay, and talk to them about the moving experience. Even though they won’t be able to understand everything you’re saying, they’ll know that you’re there to take care of them, and that goes a long way in reassuring your pet.

3.   Maintain Your Pet’s Routine

It’s not just the chance of location that causes stress during a move. Moving can also mean that your schedule is thrown off, which can be especially troubling for pets when their sense of stability is up in the air during a move. Make time to engage in regularly scheduled routines like daily walks, playtime, and feeding schedules. Just like people, pets take comfort in their regular routines.

4.   Plan Ahead

Don’t make the mistake of packing away cherished personal items your pet takes comfort in. Plan ahead to set aside her bed, special toys, leash, and treats. The familiar smells of their favorite objects will help to reassure them even when their new surroundings are unfamiliar, helping them to settle in more easily. You should also plan ahead to spend a little more time with your pet during moving week if possible.

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