Pet lovers find their furry and feathery friends to be an endless source of joy, comfort, and friendship. But if you’re an animal lover who develops an allergy to your own pets, you may find yourself in a heartbreaking conundrum. Although everyone is different and serious allergies should be treated as such, many pet owners are able to manage mild pet allergies without giving up their pets.


In this post from Normandale Veterinary Hospital in Edina, we’ll share advice for managing allergies with pets. Contact our team to schedule grooming services for your pets today!

Bringing New Pets Home

If you’re thinking of adding a new family member to your household and you know you suffer from allergies, consider adding a breed that’s known for causing fewer reactions. You may have heard some breeds of dog referred to as “hypo-allergenic.” The truth is that no pets are truly hypo-allergenic, but there are some breeds that are less likely to cause a reaction in most pet allergy sufferers. Smaller breeds also have less dander to shed, which means less allergens in your home.


Here are a few common dog breeds preferred by allergic pet owners:


●        Shih Tzu

●        Schnauzer

●        Poodle

●        Bichon Frise


Among cats, the following breeds are known to be less allergenic:


●        Devon Rex

●        Cornish Rex

●        Russian Blue

Regularly Groom Your Pet

Pet allergies are caused by pets’ dander, fur, and saliva. If you already own a pet that causes an allergic reaction in you or a family member, you may be able to reduce your reactions with regular animal grooming habits. In addition to weekly baths, be sure to schedule regular visits with a professional animal grooming service. Staying on top of your pet’s care with regular brushing and washing is also a great way to make sure their skin is healthy and doesn’t require medical care.


By regularly cleaning and sweeping your home to remove pet dander and hair, you will also reduce your exposure to allergens. Investing in an air purifier and regularly changing your home’s air filter can also make a significant difference.


Here are a few more tips for reducing pet allergens:


●        Use tile or hardwood floors instead of carpet

●        Don’t allow pets in your bedroom

●        Give your pet plenty of time outside


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