Some dogs experience fear and anxiety when they hear loud noises like fireworks, thunder, workers or anything that goes BOOM! It has been very difficult to treat and is stressful for not only the dog but the owner as well. SILEO is a new treatment that blocks certain chemicals in the dog's brain that cause the anxiety and fear. SILEO works rapidly and is administered through orally. Below we have information and videos detailing how to administer ZILEO. Please the resources below to make sure you are getting the most from this new noise aversion treatment for your dog. 

SILEO Administration - Click Here for Printable PDF

SILEO Dosing Chart - Click Here for Printable PDF

Here's a great video to help you with administering SILEO.




In this next video we will show you how to further the dosing administration of SILEO

Here are 13 signs your dog may be suffering from Noise Aversion


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