It’s the holiday season, and around the world, the space below Christmas trees is filling up with brightly wrapped packages for our loved ones. For pet owners, our furry, feathery, and scaly friends are as loved and valued as anyone else in our family. And as much as our pets give to us, we love any excuse to give them something in return.


At Normandale Veterinary Hospital in Edina, we know there’s nothing like the bond between pets and their human families. Because we want you and your pets to have a safe holiday this and every year, we’re sharing our favorite holiday gift ideas for pets. Check out these great ideas and then give us a call to schedule holiday grooming services for your pet!

The Perfect Gift for Pets

Whether we’re talking about kids or pets, the fun part of opening presents is watching the gift recipient play with their gifts and enjoy them. That’s why an ideal holiday gift for pets is something he can play with right away like a toy or treat.


Even if your pet doesn’t understand that he’s receiving a gift, Christmas or Hanukkah can still be a fun excuse to give him cool gifts.


Here are a few gift ideas that work well in Christmas stockings:


●        Stylish new collars or leashes

●        Pet coats

●        Grooming tools

How to Wrap a Pet’s Gift

Depending on your pet and her species and breed, you may need to open her gifts yourself. If your pet is a curious pup, you may be able to teach her to open her gifts.


If you love the idea of your dog opening her presents, follow these wrapping tips. Use as little tape as you can get away with, and wrap your gifts loosely so they can be easily opened.


Although it may be tempting to add pretty ribbon or other decorations, these are not necessary and could be confusing for your pup. Instead, add a treat in her gift and leave it partially opened so she can figure out what’s inside.

The “Unboxing”

Before you give your pet his gift, don’t forget to charge your phone so you can capture your holiday memories on camera. If your pet is a playful dog, you may want to let him open his gifts first so he doesn’t get too excited while other family members are opening gifts.


When it’s time to open her gift, encourage her to check it out by calling her name and showing her the torn packaging. Watch her carefully as she opens her gift to keep her safe.


Here are a few more holiday tips to follow:


●        Give her private time to take a quiet break from the holiday festivities.

●        Don’t let her get overstimulated.

●        Keep a careful eye on your pet with children playing.


To schedule your holiday animal grooming services and get your pet ready for the festivities, give us a call at 952-831-8272 or contact us online. And from our family to yours, have a happy holiday season this year!