Trick or treat! It’s that time of year again when front porches are decked out in pumpkins and lawns are scattered with colorful leaves. And soon, Halloween costumes and candy will be taking over. But before you decide whether your doggo will be dressed as Khaleesi Mother of Dobermans or Edgar Allan Pup this year, it’s a good idea to review some important safety tips.


While Halloween and the upcoming holiday season can be a sensory feast for pets, they can also pose plenty of hidden hazards. In this post from our veterinarians at Normandale Vet Hospital, we’ll share some important safety information for Halloween and pets. Give us a call to schedule your pet’s next veterinary care check.

1.   Plan Ahead for Trick or Treaters

If your dog gets easily stressed from lots of folks coming to the door, it may be a good idea to turn off your lights and pass on the festivities this year. Even social animals can become stressed with all of that traffic. Consider keeping your pet away from the front door during this time.

2.   Absolutely No Candy

Halloween can hold a smorgasbord of tasty treats for trick-or-treaters. But take care to make sure your pets can’t get hold of any Halloween candy or sweets. It’s common knowledge that chocolate is extremely dangerous for both cats and dogs. However, sugar and artificial sweeteners can also be unsafe. Wrappers represent hazards as well. If your pet does ingest anything questionable, be sure to contact a veterinarian right away or call the animal poison control line.

3.   Don’t Overdo the Costumes

We recommend minimalist costumes if any for pets. Although your pup may look cute dressed up as Princess Leia, many animals find costumes stressful. However, if your pet truly seems to enjoy all of the pampering of dressing up in a Halloween costume, make sure all of the components are safe for pets.

4.   Watch Out for Fire Hazards

If you have pets, be careful when using candles in your Halloween decor. Curious cats and kittens may be interested in getting a closer look and end up getting burned. You should also be cautious when using any decorations containing electrical wiring such as holiday lights as pets can find them tempting to play with.

Contact Our Edina Veterinary Care Team

Whatever your Halloween plans are this year, it’s a good idea to keep your vet’s number handy just in case. To speak with our veterinarians, call us at 952-831-8272 or stop by our contact page to schedule grooming services and get your pet ready for the Halloween fun!