If you live in a home with young children, back to school can be a hectic time whether your kids are going to school online or in person. But no matter how difficult it is to get everything you need ready for a positive start to the school year, the payoff is a quality education that lasts a lifetime.


The beauty of childhood is that kids are always learning and everything in life holds a new lesson. One of the best lessons children can learn happens at home when they help care for your family pets. If you’re thinking of giving your kiddos more responsibility with your family pets, follow this advice from Normandale Veterinary Hospital.

Teaching Kids to Care

As parents, at one point or another we’ll all probably hear those fateful words: “Can I please have a puppy/kitten/rabbit?” If you’re reluctant to bring home a pet based on your child’s whims, that’s probably wise. The first thing you should teach children about pet ownership is that pets are a lifetime responsibility.


If you’re still thinking of bringing home a new pet and you feel your child is up to the challenge, be sure to involve your son or daughter in the adoption process. As you look through adoption sites or visit the local shelter, teach your child that many of these animals are homeless because families didn’t understand the responsibility. This will help to impart the seriousness of pet adoption and reinforce the importance of the responsibilities they’re taking on.

Schedule Your First Vet Visit

Be sure to involve your child in the pet’s veterinary care appointment. Explain to your child the importance of having your pets spayed or neutered and getting their vaccinations. Your vet can discuss important veterinarian care concerns and cover some of the basics of pet care and grooming

Education is Key

Kids today use the Internet to learn everything from teaching themselves DIY crafts to making their own YouTube videos. There are plenty of YouTubers who dedicate their channels to pet care. Find a good pet care information site that your children enjoy watching. Or consider ordering a pet care guide book to give your child a hands-on introduction to pet ownership.


Here are a few basic responsibilities you can assign your kids depending on their age:

●        Walking the dog

●        Changing the litter box

●        Making sure the pets have food and water

●        Grooming their pet

●        Playing with their pet every day

●        Training their pet

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