Grooming is going to be a part of your dog’s entire life, so it’s important to start a grooming routine when your dog is just a puppy. Not only does grooming keep your dog healthy and looking good, it’s a great time to build understanding and trust with your new pet. Here are a few puppy grooming tips you can use to keep your new puppy healthy and happy.


Tip #1 – Brush Your Puppy Regularly

Brushing isn’t just essential to keep your puppy’s coat looking good, it’s a great time to get your puppy used to being handled. Just remember, your puppy has a shorter, softer, fluffier coat than an older dog, so you need to be gentle. Start by holding your puppy and begin with a cuddle and a few pets. Start brushing gently but stop after a minute or two and praise your puppy. Make sure you’re very careful when brushing around sensitive areas, such as the tail, belly, and ears. It’s also a good idea to end the brushing session with a treat for your puppy.


Tip #2 – Know Your Puppy’s Coat Type

Once your puppy begins getting used to grooming, the regular routine will depend on your puppy’s coat. If your puppy has a smooth coat, he won’t need much grooming. Just a weekly brushing can be enough. For short coats, regular brushing is needed to prevent problems with matting. Puppies with long coats need daily brushing and attention, and silky coats also require a lot of brushing, trimming, and detangling.


Tip #3 – Provide Baths as Needed

Most dogs only need to have baths as needed, but if your puppy is constantly getting dirty, he may need bathed more often. Small puppies can usually be bathed in the kitchen sink or a plastic tub. However, as your puppy grows up you’ll have to switch to a larger area for bath time. When bathing your puppy, try to keep water out of your puppy’s eyes. Give your puppy plenty of reassurance and praise throughout the bath. Using shampoo specifically designed for your puppy’s coat is important. You also need to thoroughly rinse away the shampoo to keep your puppy’s skin from being itchy after bath time. Make sure your puppy is completely dry before allowing your puppy outdoors.


Grooming your puppy can be fun and a great way to bond with each other. As your puppy grows and requires more care, you may want to consider regular grooming services for your dog to ensure he gets the best care possible.