It’s summertime in Edina, and that means pets will be getting out and exploring their worlds a little more while the weather is nice. But as the mercury climbs, the weather outside can become less comfortable for pets and even create a number of serious health risks. It’s more important than ever during the warm weather months to stay on top of your pet’s health.


Our veterinary care team at Normandale Vet Hospital in Edina believes it’s important to educate pet owners on protecting their pets all year long. We’ve put together this guide to share some important tips for protecting your pets when the weather outside is hot and the humidity is high. Follow this advice and don’t forget to call us to schedule your pet’s regular health check.

1.   Limit Your Pet’s Play Time on Hot Days

Hot weather can pose a number of serious health risks for pets. Pets are far more likely to become dehydrated in the heat. Additionally, when the ground heats up, their paws can burn easily on the hot pavement. Pets with fair fur and skin can easily become sunburned and are at an increased risk of skin cancer.


Animals with a susceptibility to respiratory issues can experience trouble breathing much like humans with asthma. To minimize the risk to your pets, be sure to provide them with plenty of water and try to limit their time spent outdoors to mornings and after dark.

2.   Keep Your Pets Cool

It’s important to provide your pets with plenty of shade and cool airflow during the hot weather. Your pet should also have access to plentiful cool water. If your dog or cat has long, thick fur, she may benefit from a shave or a haircut. Some dogs also enjoy romping in a kiddie pool filled with cool water on a hot day.

3.   Never Leave Your Pet in the Car

The temperature inside your car can become dangerously hot in a matter of minutes. It is never safe or acceptable to leave a pet inside your vehicle even if you’ve rolled down the windows. If you find a pet locked in a hot car on a summer day, try to find its owner immediately. Call for help immediately and try to rescue the animal.

4.   Know the Signs of Heat stroke

Older animals and animals with health conditions are at greater risk of heat stroke, but every pet is susceptible when the temperature begins to climb. Keep an eye out for signs of heatstroke. If your pet is lethargic, has trouble breathing, is panting heavily, or shows other signs of heat stroke, get help immediately.

Contact Our Edina Veterinarian Care Team to Keep Your Pet Healthy All Summer

When it comes to protecting your pet during the hot summer months, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Planning ahead to keep your pet safe during the summer is crucial to keeping him happy and healthy when the summer sun is high.


Our Normandale Veterinary Hospital team can check your pet’s health and groom her to keep her more comfortable when the temperature rises. Schedule your appointment by calling us at 952-831-8272 or visit our contact page to connect with a member of our veterinary services team.