Is there any happier time of year for pets than springtime? Between the sights and smells of nature coming alive and the warm, pleasant weather, spring is a feast for your family pet’s senses. Unfortunately, it also poses unique hazards for cats and dogs. Making a plan for their safety is an important key to making sure their springtime is filled with tail-wagging, healthy fun.


At Normandale Vet Hospital in Edina, we understand that your pets are family members. Here’s how to keep them safe this spring.

Plan Ahead for Safety

Whether your pet is an indoor pet or an outdoor pet, it’s important to understand the risks your pet faces in their immediate environment.


Here are some of the most common hazards and advice for avoiding them:

●      Spring Cleaning Dangers

Spring is that special time of year when we all take out our spring home maintenance and cleaning lists. Make sure any cleaners you use are put away and out of your pet’s reach, and consider putting locks on cabinets for especially precocious pets. If you plan to work on home improvement projects, be extra cautious about paint, solvents, and other home improvement chemicals and materials.

●      Parasites

When your pet spends more time outdoors, he or she is more likely to pick up a parasite. Have your pet treated early in the season to protect against heartworms and parasites.

●      Common Diseases

Make sure your pet is vaccinated and get them spayed or neutered to help limit their exposure to disease and prevent unwanted pregnancy.

●      Toxic Plants

If you’re planning to plant a garden, make sure your new plants are safe for pets. Some pets like to eat household plants or play in the garden. Make sure nothing they get into is poisonous to cats or dogs.

●      Herbicides and Pesticides

If you plan to use pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers in your garden, be cautious about storage. Many of these products can be highly toxic to family pets.

●      Allergies

Just like their human family members, pets can be prone to allergies in the spring. If your pet seems to be suffering from allergies, their veterinarian care team can help them find relief.

●      Lost Pets

To protect your pets against wandering off, it’s important to make sure they’re spayed or neutered. In addition, if your pets are indoor pets only, keep windows and doors secure.

Edina Veterinary Services to Keep Your Pet Safe This Spring

A healthy pet is a happy pet. Keeping up with your pet’s vaccines and getting them spayed or neutered are not only important components of their veterinarian care but can also keep them safe in spring.


It’s also a good idea to schedule a regular office visit at the beginning of the season and check on your pet’s overall health. Make your appointment by calling 952-831-8272 or visit our contact page to set an appointment for your pet’s regular veterinary check-up.