You work hard to make sure your dog stays happy and healthy. You head to the vet for regular checkups, make sure he gets exercise, and ensure he’s eating healthy food. However, have you thought about your dog’s oral health? Keeping your dog’s teeth healthy is important for your pooch’s overall health.


Tip #1 – Regularly Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

One of the best ways to prevent oral health problems in your dog is to regularly brush your dog’s teeth. While it might be difficult to achieve daily brushing with your pooch, you should aim to brush his teeth several times a week. If your dog isn’t very patient with brushing, try brushing half of his teeth on one day and the other half the next day. For the best results, invest in a toothbrush designed for dogs and get a doggie toothpaste from your vet to ensure it won’t irritate your dog’s stomach. Doggie dental wipes are also available for times when you aren’t able to do a full brushing.


Tip #2 – Use Helpful Dental Products

Along with regular brushing, using some helpful doggie dental products can help you take care of your dog’s oral health as well. While dog’s can’t take care of their own teeth, they can help a bit if they chew on the correct products. Rawhide bones are great for helping dogs scrape away dirt and plaque. However, you should never give your dog rib, ham shank, or steak bones, since they are so hard they could fracture your dog’s teeth. Nylon and rubber toys that have bump surfaces can be helpful, and crunchy treats designed to clean teeth can also help eliminate plaque.


Tip #3 – Visit Your Doggie Dentist

Brushing and using good dental products are important, but you also need to make sure that your dog visits a doggie dentist for regular checkups and cleanings. It’s a good idea to take your dog to the dentist once when he won’t have a cleaning or checkup so he can get used to the people and the space. Find out if the dentist offers cleanings with anesthesia, which can make the procedure easier for your pooch.


When you combine professional doggie dentistry with good home dental care, you’ll be able to keep your dog’s mouth healthy. Remember, a healthy mouth will contribute to a healthy, happy dog.