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Why Pet Oral Care Matters

Often when people think of caring for their pets, things like vaccines, heartworm medication, grooming, and exercise come to mind. However, there is one key aspect of pet health that many pet owners overlook: pet oral care.

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How to Identify Pet Allergies

When your pet suffers from allergies, you may not identify the signs until the allergies have caused severe health problems. If you believe that allergies are causing problems with your dog or cat, then bring them to Normandale Veterinary Hospital.

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Keeping Your Pets Safe this Fall

Can you feel it? The air is finally starting to cool down after a long, hot summer. As kids go back to school at home or online and the leaves begin to fall, there’s a buffet of sensory fun awaiting pets.

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5 Signs Your Cat Has Dental Disease

Dental disease is a very common occurrence among adult cats. Even though this condition is preventable, unfortunately, most pet owners do not recognize the signs until it’s too late.

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Signs Your Cat is in Pain

Don’t ignore your cat when you suspect it’s in pain. If you’re unsure about the signs check out these signs your cat is in pain.

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Keep Your Pets Safe in the Summer Heat

If you own a pet, keeping it safe in the summer should be a major concern. Read to learn these tips for keeping your furry and feline friends safe during the summer heat.

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How to Get Your Pet Ready for Surgery

When a physician schedules your precious pup or cat for surgery, it can be a bit stressful for you. While calming yourself down and spending quality time with your pet prior to surgery is important, it takes more than that to get your companion ready for surgery.

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What Are Heartworms?

Heartworms are deadly worms that can infect your pets without knowing. Go through to get a deeper insight into how this worm affects your pet, its causes, and its prevention.

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Veterinary Care for Bee Stings This Summer

The sun is out, the birds are singing, and the bees have arrived. You know how curious your pet can be when exploring outside, and you also know that it doesn’t take much to stir up an angry bee. Just as some humans are allergic to bees, your pet can have a severe allergic reaction, too.

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Summer Safety Tips For Dogs

Summer comes with its concerns for people and animals alike, but it can be difficult to determine the warning signs of heat problems in dogs. So, before you decide to go on that next long walk, or take your dog to the park, check out these summer safety tips for dogs by our pet care professionals at Normandale Veterinary Hospital.

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