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Help! My Dog Stinks!

When you love your pet, there’s nothing quite like snuggling up with your pup after a tough day. But when your pet has a bad case of doggy B.O., the last place you want him to be is on your furniture.

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Caring for Your Senior Pet

Thanks to the marvels of modern medicine, pets are living longer, healthier lives just like their human families are. And just like people, pets can suffer from aging-related healthcare issues.

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Should I Worry About My Overweight Dog?

The Internet is full of adorable dog memes and loves to sing the praises of all sorts of furry pals from dogs with weird bedhead to delightfully chunky pups. But the unfortunate truth is that just like humans, dogs can be susceptible to weight gain and all of the potential health problems that come along with it.

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Pet Vacation Etiquette Dos and Don'ts

With warmer weather firing up and safer traveling conditions on the horizon, more families are starting to plan ahead for their next vacation or road trip. For some folks, the idea of traveling without everyone in their family—including the furrier family members—is completely unthinkable.

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Keeping Pets Safe While Driving

Some pets love nothing more than going for a drive. We’ve all seen those dogs that love to stick their heads out the window and almost sworn we could detect a hint of a smile on their snouts. These guys can almost sense you’re about to go for a drive, and they want to be right there with you every time. Then there are the pets that find car rides nothing short of terrifying. They’re restless and uneasy for the entire ride, and that’s if their families are lucky. In the worst-case scenarios, unhappy travelers can end up throwing up in the car or crying for the entire trip.

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Moving Tips for Pet Owners

Moving can be hard on even the most resilient person. All of the stress of having your life rearranged and getting used to a new home can be tough, and your life can feel disrupted for weeks or longer. But moving isn’t just hard on people! Moving to a new home can be a tremendously stressful experience for pets.

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Helping Children Grieve a Beloved Pet

Pets and children are natural companions. As part of our families, pets are children’s playmates and beloved friends, sharing in joy and adventure as they live and grow together. Children look to their pets for companionship when they’re happy and comfort when they’re hurting or troubled. That’s why it can be devastating when a family pet passes on due to illness, aging, or an accident.

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Managing an Allergy to Your Pet

Pet lovers find their furry and feathery friends to be an endless source of joy, comfort, and friendship. But if you’re an animal lover who develops an allergy to your own pets, you may find yourself in a heartbreaking conundrum. Although everyone is different and serious allergies should be treated as such, many pet owners are able to manage mild pet allergies without giving up their pets.

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Pet

It’s the holiday season, and around the world, the space below Christmas trees is filling up with brightly wrapped packages for our loved ones. For pet owners, our furry, feathery, and scaly friends are as loved and valued as anyone else in our family. And as much as our pets give to us, we love any excuse to give them something in return.

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Remember These Rules When Giving Pets as Gifts

With Thanksgiving right around the corner and the Christmas holidays soon to follow, Santa Claus is already making his list and checking it twice. Children’s holiday wish lists can range from simple to fanciful as they ask for everything from a brand new bicycle to a sweet little puppy to call their own. While most pets given as holiday gifts end up becoming beloved family members, unfortunately, some can end up in animal shelters or worse yet, out on the streets.

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