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Remember These Rules When Giving Pets as Gifts

Learn simple rules for giving pets as holiday gifts the right way with the Edina veterinarians at Normandale Veterinary Hospital. 

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Celebrating Thanksgiving With Your Pet

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving celebration with your pets this holiday season by following this advice from the pet care pros at Normandale Veterinary Hospital in Edina, Minnesota. 

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Taking the Chills and Thrills out of Your Pet’s Vet Visit

October is the time of year when we relish in all that is spooky. From dark, foggy landscapes to scary movies, there’s no better way to celebrate October than embracing a few light scares. But one scare you don’t want this Halloween is the fear that your family pet may experience when going to the vet. Although we know that doctors are nothing to be afraid of, to pets, the veterinary clinic can be a real-life scary movie.

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Keeping Your Pets Safe this Halloween

Trick or treat! It’s that time of year again when front porches are decked out in pumpkins and lawns are scattered with colorful leaves. And soon, Halloween costumes and candy will be taking over. But before you decide whether your doggo will be dressed as Khaleesi Mother of Dobermans or Edgar Allan Pup this year, it’s a good idea to review some important safety tips.

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Teaching Kids to Care for Pets

If you live in a home with young children, back to school can be a hectic time whether your kids are going to school online or in person. But no matter how difficult it is to get everything you need ready for a positive start to the school year, the payoff is a quality education that lasts a lifetime.

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Keeping Your Pets Safe this Fall

Can you feel it? The air is finally starting to cool down after a long, hot summer. As kids go back to school at home or online and the leaves begin to fall, there’s a buffet of sensory fun awaiting pets.

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What are the Most Common Feline Skin Conditions?

Any cat lover will tell you that cats make some of the best companions. Cats are not especially needy like some pets, but they still have plenty of love and affection to give. As pet owners, we want our feline friends to feel happy and healthy all the time. Just like their human families, cats can develop uncomfortable skin conditions that make it hard for them to be their usual happy selves.

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Common Illnesses Passed Between Pets and Their Human Families

Animal lovers know that having pets around is unquantifiably rewarding. Pets give more than they take, offering love and companionship without judgment or conditions. They’re also great company for children, teaching kids to take on caregiving responsibilities while adding a new family member to your household.

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Signs Your Cat is in Pain

Any cat owner will tell you that cats make some of the best pets. Cats are constant companions, sticking by our sides through thick and thin and always there to comfort us without judgment. They’re also good workers, helping to keep unwanted residents out of our homes and asking for very little in return. That’s why when our feline friends are feeling less than their best, we want them to get better fast.

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Protecting Your Pet from Summertime Bug Dangers

It’s summertime, which means warm air and long, sunny days throughout Minnesota. For people and their pets, it can be a chance to get out and explore the world. For dogs especially, summertime is a smorgasbord of delightful sensory experiences with critters all around and plenty of interesting smells and sounds to explore.

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